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We have one focus; helping our clients connect their indie film content to audiences and strategic industry partners.

All agency accounts include a custom website builder, email marketing automations, & video hosting with DRM.

But more important than ‘tools’ is how the tools can help. So, there are various bootcamps and bespoke services to help with this.

Absolutely! TPA is predominately a DIY platform, but we also have a team of experts on hand ready to work with projects when necessary . 

Unfortunately, a direct transfer is not possible. But your content can be transferred and built into our platform with ease!


You can get digital marketing tools anywhere – what we offer is the combination of tools, expertise and support to help you solve your production company’s digital marketing and distribution needs.

The first step is to register for a trial. You’ll get 15-days to see what we are all about.

Sure, we have a team of experts on hand ready to handle all the digital needs your production company might have.

The media player hosted with TPA is exclusively web-based, but we work closely with aggregators to get your project onto streaming platforms (where appropriate).

Why not start a free trial and see? If you are in the business of connecting indie film with audiences or the industry, chances are we might be a great fit!

Places on certain Bootcamps are by application only. The best place to start is with the trial Bootcamp.


To help indie producers with the final hurdle – connecting content with the outside world. It is important that marketing and a strategic outreach is handled by the creative team – otherwise the film is in danger of remaining a digital file on a hard drive.

No! Whilst we are called the Producers Agency, we welcome indie creatives of all persuasions. If you are in the business of connecting film with audiences, TPA is for you!

The Producers Agency works with filmmakers, sales agents and distributors to increase both impact, audience reach and revenue potential.

We love the transformative power of story. It’s in our bones.


Haha. Yep. We started with ‘The Producers’ Agency’. But being plural possessive we thought the outside apostrophe was a bit ugly.

So we settled on ‘The Producers Agency’. Do you disagree? Email us & tell us what you think!

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