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Launch Bootcamp

The foundational Bootcamp of TPA. Learn the fundamentals of connecting with audiences and building connections with the industry. (Open to all)​
Starting At The End
How to start reaching out to audiences without wasting your time. Starting at the End, looks at the road ahead and what you can expect from TPA. 
Your Vision & Mission
How to begin resonating your creativity with the world, despite a lack of money and connections.
Your Vision & Mission looks at the foundation of your creative output and how you can begin to differentiate yourself from the noise of a crowded marketplace. 
An Overview of Your Digital Tools
An Overview of Your Digital Tools looks at the digital tools available in TPA. How to have one conversation hundreds of people? In this module, we take a 30,000 ft view of everything on offer and break down how they work.
An Overview of Digital Marketing
How to leverage your content and get attention from audiences and the industry. An Overview of Digital Marketing looks at some principles used repeatedly thought-out the bootcamps.
A Project Pitch in Technology
How to use digital marketing to get attention from the industry without constant rejection.
A Project Pitch in Technology looks at how to take the fundamental elements of an indie film project and communicate them in a digital pitch.
Finding Industry Partnerships
How to build relationships in the digital space and find beneficial partnerships. Finding Industry Partnerships looks at a systematic approach to outreach in the digital space. Who do you need to contact? How can you find them? And how can you make your proposal as attractive as possible to the industry?
Building a Communication Strategy
Building a Communication Strategy follows on from Finding Industry Partnerships and looks at a systematic approach to outreach in the digital space. Who do you need to contact? How can you find them? And how can you make your proposal as attractive as possible to the industry?
Executing a Communication Strategy
How to build relationship at scale without wasting your time. Executing a Communication Strategy follows on from the previous modules to look at how to stand out from the noise and get your project noticed. In this module, we take a look at expanding on the strategies to adapt to your own processes.
Funding your projects
Among the biggest challenges faced is raising finances for creative projects. Funding your projects looks at the various routes to funding available for an indie creative.

Audience Bootcamp

Build audiences and launch your project successfully in 90 days without facing the horror of an empty screening room.
(Places by application only)
Audience-story-resonance maps are a fundamental building block in the agency. In this first section, we build maps tailored to your production.
Creating Audience Desire
How to create desire without spending a dime on ads. In this module, we look deeply into your story and identify the elements that will resonate with audiences. We consider what effect your messaging will have on your target market.
Identifying Your Audiences
How to use existing platforms to apply leverage & reach more people. In this module, we map out precisely who your audience is and begin to think about how we can find them in the digital space.
Resonating with your
marketing assets
How to develop materials & craft them so that you exponentially increase your connection with audiences. In this module, we look at the vehicles for your communication and consider ways to stand out from the crowd.
Section two looks deeply into your communication strategy. How can you craft and execute impactful campaigns that attract attention, build relationships and increase your reach with audiences over time?
We focus on tailoring your campaigns to fit the production and audience based on your team’s launch goals.
Getting Eyeballs on Your Work
How to craft impactful campaigns that will hook the audience in 30/mins a day or less. In this module, we look at how to find the most relevant and cost-effective/free sources of potential traffic to start generating eyeballs on your work.
Building Your Marketing Machines
How to get up and running with your marketing machines even if you are not technical. This module looks at the specifics of websites, funnels, social media & email marketing automation and how each piece fits your overall strategy.
Marketing Strategy: Building Audience Relationships
How to build relationships with audiences online even if you don’t have stars or a named director. This module looks at a comprehensive marketing strategy to build relationships with your growing audience.
This section looks at the most critical part; connecting your content with audiences to release value and leverage attention in potential distribution deals.
All Roads Lead to the Launch
How to tailor the launch of your project so that you can maximise attention in the shortest time possible. We look at the different types of launches; digital releases via aggregators, industry awareness campaigns, or a self-distribution hybrid.
Marketing Strategy:  Launch Communication
How to launch your movie without facing the horror of an empty screening room. This module looks at your tool kit’s final (and arguably most important) marketing strategy; how to use your growing audience relationship to guarantee bums on seats at your screenings.
Ninja Tactics: Email Marketing, Self-distribution, Social media
How to leverage the digital space to quickly pour fuel on the fire. In these modules, we look at platform-specific strategies and must-do tactics. You’ve heard of ‘don’t leave money on the table’, here we make sure that we don’t leave attention on the table.

Distribution Bootcamp

How to get attention, build strategic industry partnerships & distribute globally without giving up all your rights in perpetuity.
(Places by application only)
Creating a Valuable Product
Making sure that you create a product that can be distributed (contracts, chain of title etc)
(Coming soon)
How the industry works
Sales agents, distributors, markets, rights etc.
(Coming soon)
An overview of a distribution deal
Contracts & deal memo points.
(Coming soon)
Your Distribution Roadmap
Traditional distribution & self distribution
(Coming soon)
Getting a Distribution Deal
Marketing to the industry.
(Coming soon)
Launching to the Industry
(Coming soon)
Windowing your release
(Coming soon)
Self-Distribution: Theatrical
(Coming soon)
Self-Distribution: Digital
(Coming soon)

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