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Launch Bootcamp

How to build your digital presence and launch your projects in the digital space. Modules include:
An Overview of Digital Marketing looks at some overall principles that are used repeatedly thought-out the bootcamps.
In this module we cover:
  • Why do audiences consume content?
  • Creativity translated into marketing
  • Digital vs. Traditional Media
  • Audience Story Resonance
  • The audience’s journey
A Project Pitch in Technology looks at how to take the fundamental elements of an indie film project and communicate them in a digital pitch.
In this module we cover:
  • The project pitch funnel
  • Features of the pitch funnel
  • Displaying the value of your project
  • The visual hook
  • Proof of concept trailer
  • The poster
Building a Communication Strategy follows on from Finding Industry Partnerships and looks at a systematic approach to outreach in the digital space. Who do you need to contact? How can you find them? And how can you make your proposal as attractive as possible to the industry?
In this module we cover:
  • The importance of your outreach
  • Introducing the CRM
  • Lumpy mail strategy
  • Email outreach
  • The power of social proof
  • Social media outreach

Audience Bootcamp

Build audience awareness campaigns and leverage your communication with digital technology.
Once you have identified who your audience is, and worked out a strategy for getting in front of them, the next step is to build a relationship with them leading to a launch of some kind. In this module we take a look at some ways to achieve this.
What is it about your story that connects with audiences? And how can you maximise this in your marketing efforts?
In this module we take a look at how social media can support your campaigns.

Distribution Bootcamp

Learn how to Build industry awareness campaigns and plan your distribution marketing. Modules include:
Making sure that you create a product that can be distributed (contracts, chain of title etc) (Coming soon)
Contracts & deal memo points. (Coming soon)

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